Gold Plan

We are pleased to offer our “Gold Plan”.  This optional plan for patients without dental insurance provides standard preventive comprehensive dental care at a discounted price.  Membership also allows you to receive a discount of 10% on all other dental treatment at our office.

The cost of the plan is $505 for new Patients and $405 for current patients per person(both adults and children) and it includes the following.


Two cleanings(one every 6 months, 2 doctor exams, one set of bitewing x-rays per year(value $493)


Two cleanings, two doctor exams, one set of bitewing x-rays, two fluoride treatments per year (value $553)

You will also receive 10% off any additional dental services and you will receive a free set of full mouth x-rays or panoramic x-rays as required for your comprehensive care as long as you remain current with the Gold Plan.

If you are  a periodontal patient and receive more than two cleanings a year the plan covers the first two cleanings and you will receive 10% off your 3rd cleaning.

Patients who have not had a regular exam in the last 2 years at our practice will pay $505 ($610 value) for their initial year.  This includes a new patient exam, recall exam, full set of x-rays and 2 cleanings.

Benefits begin once the yearly dues are paid in full.  You can pay for membership by cash, check, credit card.  Non plan services paid by Care Credit are only eligible for a 5% discount.  Any services not paid in full at time of service will be billed at the current office fee without discount.
Membership is non-refundable, non transferable and is valid only for services performed at Granby Dental PC, by Dr Andrew W Burns and Associates. 

Limitations and Exclusions:
Demonstrated non-compliance with the recommended course of treatment.
Services which, in the opinion of the attending dentist, are not recommended for the patient’s health.
Restorations, splints, or other appliances used to increase vertical dimension or restore occlusion.
All on 4 treatment
Any service for which you are referred to a specialist; Ex. Periodontics, Endodontics, Oral Surgery, Orthodontics etc.
Prescription medications and the dispensing of drugs not normally supplied in the dental office.
Hospital benefits for any dental procedure.
Loss or theft of dentures, bridges, or crowns.
Services for injuries or conditions which are covered under Worker’s Compensation or Employer’s Liability laws.
Services that cannot be performed because of general health, physical or psychological limitations of the patient.
**This program can be changed at any time; however, if you have paid in full for a one-year membership you remain eligible to receive the full benefits that you paid for for the remainder of that year.